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About Us

Happy Hikers is a group of adult hikers (40 and up) from the Denver, Colorado Metro Area who get together for day hikes on most weekends throughout the year. We offer a variety of hikes, from easy to challenging. Our hikes are led by experienced leaders. Although we usually focus on moderate 4-8 mile hikes, we also schedule longer hikes, camping trips and other outdoor activities as the occasions arise. We hike in the spring, summer, and fall and snowshoe and cross-country ski in the winter. We are a friendly, diverse group of people who consider camaraderie an important part of our outdoor experience. We also hold occasional social events because building friendships is important to us

The Happy Hikers Club was established in 1988 as a class to teach adults about hiking, gear and outdoor skills. What makes us a one-of-a-kind hiking group? A combination of friendliness, a sense of camaraderie, and a love of hiking and enjoyment of the outdoors. Our goal is to provide an enjoyable hiking experience for members and guests. That’s why our members have stayed with the group for many years.

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