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How long has the Happy Hikers Club been around?
We’re been in existence since 1988.


What kind of people make up the Club membership?
Our members are adult hikers of all ages, but mostly 45 and older. Our common bond is a love of hiking and the outdoors.


Can I bring guests?
If you are a member, you are welcome to bring guests. Just contact the leader and clear it with him/her. You are responsible for ensuring that your guest has proper boots, gear and other essentials.


Will I have to sign a liability waiver before I hike?
Yes.  To become a member or sign up as a guest for a hike, you will have to sign a waiver. E-mail in the signed waiver or bring it to the Park-n-Ride on your first hike.


Can I bring more than one guest?
Yes. But make sure to clear it with the leader in advance.


What time do you typically get back from a hike?
It varies with the length of the hike and distance to the trailhead. Traffic, weather, a faster or slower pace can all affect our return time. We suggest that hikers do not plan other activities early in the evening on days they hike.


Can I bring my dog?
No. Dogs can cause problems on a group hike.


Can I bring my children?
Happy Hikers is an adult-only group. Children 16 and over are welcome with their parent or guardian. Again, contact the hike leader who will make the final decision.


Do you allow alcohol on hikes?
No. Alcohol can impair performance and judgment, especially at higher altitude. We usually stop for meals after hikes where people can order alcoholic beverages if they are not driving.


How long are your hikes?
Hikes range from 4 miles to 15 miles round trip. Elevation gains can range from 500 to 4,000 ft. Each hike listed on the schedule notes the round trip mileage and starting and ending elevations to help inform hikers of the potential difficulty of the hike.


Where do I meet the group for a hike?

We meet at Park-n-Rides throughout the metro area, depending on where the trailhead is located. We divide into carpools to travel to the trailhead. The members’ schedule lists the meeting place for each hike. See the RTD Park-n-Ride map if you need directions. Be on time or we will have to leave without you.


What if I sign up for a hike and then can’t go?
Call the leader and cancel in advance.  Don’t wait until the morning of the hike.


How do I know if I’m fit enough to complete a particular hike?
Call the leader and discuss it. The leader can tell you what the terrain is like and the relative degree of difficulty. Take a look at the distance and elevation gain shown on the schedule. Higher elevation gain means a steeper hike. The beginning altitude is also a factor. Hikes that start at a lower altitude, like 8,000 feet, are easier than those that start at 10,000 feet or higher.


Are there any other expenses?
Each hiker pays the driver of their carpool $0.07 per mile. When we go out to eat, each hiker pays for his/her own meal. If the hike is in a Colorado State Park or Rocky Mountain National Park, there will be an entrance fee. We split these fees among everyone in the car. Some drivers have park passes which cover entrance fees.


Do you have any social events?
Yes. Club members occasionally organize parties, picnics and potlucks.


Do you have camping or longer trips?
Happy Hikers doesn’t officially sponsor any trips but members sometimes organize camping trips, hut trips or other outdoor activities.

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