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Leader Rights & Responsibilities

The trip leader has complete authority on the trip. He/she is responsible for planning a safe trip and expects that the participants take all necessary steps to provide for their own safety. Leaders are not responsible for the safety of the participants. Each hiker is expected to be responsible for themselves. See Member Responsibilities.

A minimum of four persons is required for each trip. This is for safety reasons. If four people have not registered by Thursday evening, the trip can be cancelled due to lack of interest.

The leader has the right to examine participant’s qualifications, clothing, equipment, and food and to refuse participation to those he/she judges are unqualified or improperly equipped for the trip. The leader has the right to set and maintain the pace, vary the route as needed, and to turn back short of the objective if conditions warrant so doing. Depending on the nature of the hike, the leader may also limit the size of the group; therefore, members are encouraged to sign up early (between Sunday and Thursday before the hike).

At the Park-n-Ride meeting location, the leader will determine who wants to stop to eat/drink after the hike and who wants to come back to the Park-n-Ride so as to ensure that there are cars available for both. The leader may briefly review hiking gear, food and water requirements and key features of the hike before the start of the hike.

During each hike, leaders will check with the hikers whether the pace is okay and if more or less rest breaks are needed. The pace will be adjusted accordingly. At rest breaks, the leader will ask all hikers if they are ready to move on before resuming the hike. Members should feel free to politely remind the leaders if they forget to do these things. Rear leaders will be identified for all hikes unless the leader determines the size and experience of the group does not warrant the use of a rear leader to keep track of all hikers.

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