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Member Responsibilities

Trip participants have the obligation to acquaint themselves with the nature of the trip and to verify that it is within their capability and experience. They are responsible for assuring that their physical conditioning, skills, and equipment are adequate to participate in Happy Hikers activities. They must be willing to accept the authority of the trip leaders, cooperate with them and other participants to make the trip safe and enjoyable.

Trip participants are solely responsible for their own safety and for taking every precaution to provide for their own safety and well-being while participating in Happy Hikers activities. Remember at all times, trails and surrounding areas should be left in as good or better condition than they were found. Hikers should stay on established trails. Flowers, plants, shrubs and trees will be enjoyed and not destroyed. Litter and refuse will be carried out. We believe in the slogan “Pack it in, pack it out.” U.S. Forest Service, National Park Service, and any other state and federal land use regulations will be adhered to and private property will be respected at all times.

All trips will be conducted in a “conservative spirit” so that reserves are available for emergencies. If circumstances suggest undue danger or the destination appears beyond the capability of the party, the trip will be abandoned. Every effort will be made to follow sound principles of safe hiking. Members and guests cannot take dogs on hikes.

If you are a member and you have a friend who would like to join the Happy Hikers, you can sponsor the new member. Tell the person about the gear he/she will need, member responsibilities, and come with the person on his/her first hike. Provide them with a copy of the current hiking schedule. All new members must sign a liability release form. The leader will ask new members to fill out this form prior to the beginning of the hike and retain it for Happy Hiker records.

A few important reminders for a pleasant outing are listed below:

  • Individuals must be physically able and mentally prepared for the trip.

  • Have the proper clothing and equipment and carry food and water appropriate for the trip.

  • Let the leader lead. Do not go ahead of the front leader or drop behind the rear leader unless the leader allows you to do so.

  • Any participant leaving the party is no longer considered part of the group.

  • Do not leave the trip parking area until all party members have safely returned and the vehicles have started (unless permission is given by the leader).

  • Pay your carpool driver seven cents per mile.

  • Call the scheduled trip leader between Sunday and Thursday evening of the week of the trip to register for the hike.

  • Notify your leader privately of any medical conditions that might conceivably arise during a hike.

  • Please welcome new members, make a point of being friendly to everyone on the hike and try talking to someone you don’t know.

  • Take this opportunity to get to know new people with similar interests.

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